Yi Jing debuts in apna Hyderabad!

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This debut surely comes as a piece of good news for diners in Hyderabad who love their Chinese chow. Yi Jing, which literally means, Book of Change in Mandarin, is bound to change the yardstick for fine dining, when it comes to some impeccable Cantonese cuisine. And what’s more, Hyderabad happens to be the launch pad for this newbie brand from the house of ITC Group of Hotels.

While the decor at Yi Jing is minimalist and contemporary, with an open and live kitchen (complete with a traditional steel duck roaster), the bright red interiors, (red in Chinese signifies luck and prosperity) as well as the stunning murals, Chinese calligraphy artwork and other bric a brac ensure an Oriental feel and ambience. There is a grand-looking PDR with red blown-glass chandeliers and upholstered furniture, with a price tag to its booking for 10 covers.

The red-hued ambience of Yi Jing is stunningly modern, yet traditional

I was invited to a bloggers table one evening a couple of months ago, so this post has been a late in coming. We started with a host of dimsum options, to my delight. Spicy Carrot and Wasabi Dumplings were superb, but even better were the elegantly-presented sake and Edamame Dumplings,

Sake And Edamame Dumplings

The exquisitely crafted swan-shaped Chicken Char Sui Dumplings














For meat lovers, Seafood Tobiko and Chicken Char Sui were perfect, and the plating of the swan-shaped char sui dumplings was just so appealing ! In the next round of appetisers: Stir Fry Chili Tofu, Chili Lamb with Bell Peppers and Micro Greens and Hoisin Chicken with Micro Greens, and I loved the tofu and lamb the most.

The open live kitchen at Yi Jing boasts of a roast duck oven, which is quite obviously the centrepiece of the chef’s area of operations. The piece de resistance of the dinner was, obviously then Beijing Duck, whole roast duck served with duck skin and the whole grill of panckaes with spring onions, cucumber and sweet bean sauce and a plum relish. Soup time and we sipped on a hot and fragrant Crab Meat & Egg White Soup, nourishing and delicious too.

In main courses, the stars were clearly the perfectly steamed sea bass with spring onion, ginger and soy and the superby-crafted Lobster with Oyster Sauce, followed by the Braised Mushroom Jewel Box Essence with Truffle Oil, which was frankly a delicious revelation.

Steamed Sea Bass With Spring Onion, Ginger and Soy

Lobster With Oyster Sauce



The mains were accompanied by some hand-pulled noodles (Sichuan Veg as well as a Tomato and Egg) and an aromatic, light-flavoured Stir Fried Jasmine Rice with Soy & Burnt Garlic. Needless to say, both the noodles and rice were delectable.

I dont find Chinese desserts particularly appealing, but there was a surprise in store. A plating of Anise Caramel Custard and Sichuan Pepper Streusel, presenting Chinese ingredients flavours in a western classic dessert format truly changed or adapted my perspective on how I am going to view Chinese desserts from now on. But that is Yi Jing for you!

Anise Caramel Custard, Sichuan Pepper Streusel


What stayed with me, after this memorable meal at Yi Jing was,  besides its plush, quiet ambience and impeccable service, the aesthetically-crafted food (for example the swan-shaped char sui dumplings) and the fact that every dish had its ingredients shine through in a clean, flavourful and yet subtly minimalist way.

I am going to be coming back with family and friends, for sure!






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