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Palm Oil: (Healthy) Work in Progress

By: Swati Sucharita | 2 Comments | | Category: Events/Reviews

Palm oil, which is extracted from the flesh of the fruit of the oil palm species, primarily from the African palm oil species, is the most widely consumed vegetable oil globally, thanks to its versatility and various user-friendly aspects. It is trans fat free, cholesterol free and high in carotene... more

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NH2: A Highway Full of Fun!

By: Swati Sucharita | 0 Comments | | Category: Events/Reviews

In the maze of food promotion invites, which come my way with alarming frequency these days from star hotels and standalone restaurants, I feel much enthused to blog on a few which surpass their promise. One such recent experience was  ‘Along the NH2 trail’, which showcased not just cuisines but... more

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An Encore for Ottimo!

By: Swati Sucharita | 3 Comments | | Category: Launches | Tags : , , ,

When I walk into the cheerful and natural light-imbued interiors  of Ottimo Cucina Italiano, Chef Vittorio Greco welcomes me as warmly as he would do at his own home. And little surprise, for he has made Ottimo his home (and not just in the recently-opened outlet at ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad) but... more

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Yi Jing debuts in apna Hyderabad!

By: Swati Sucharita | 0 Comments | | Category: Launches | Tags : , , , ,

This debut surely comes as a piece of good news for diners in Hyderabad who love their Chinese chow. Yi Jing, which literally means, Book of Change in Mandarin, is bound to change the yardstick for fine dining, when it comes to some impeccable Cantonese cuisine. And what’s more, Hyderabad... more

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Royal Repast, Dum Pukht Begum’s style!

By: Swati Sucharita | 3 Comments | | Category: Launches | Tags : , ,

The average Hyderabadi’s love for biryani and kebabs is well-known. So, is it any surprise when  ITC Hotels’ iconic brand Dum Pukht gets diners in droves when it launches in Hyderabad as Dum Pukht Begum’s? “In Hyderabad, the name Begum’s has been added to the original Dum Pukht umbrella brand... more

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Dakshin Menu Gets Bigger, Better

By: Swati Sucharita | 0 Comments | | Category: Launches | Tags : , , , , ,

Dakshin at ITC Kakatiya, which celebrates the best of classic South Indian culinary legacies, has been a perennial dining favourite of mine, especially its live station, Iyer’s trolley, which doles out hot and fresh mini adais, uttapams, banana-flavoured dosais, ‘kunnipanniyarams’ and a host of delightful coconut, ginger and tomato chutneys.... more

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Fun & Substance: Farzi Menu Update

By: Swati Sucharita | 1 Comment | | Category: Launches

While India is spoilt for wining and dining choices these days, its only a handful of F&B establishments, however, when it comes to a distinct and memorable dining experience. Farzi Cafe, which styles itself as a modern Indian bistro, is one such example. An unit of flagship hospitality brand Massive... more

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Paradise Comes Calling…

By: Swati Sucharita | 0 Comments | | Category: Events/Reviews

Like it or hate it, but you just can’t ignore it. I am referring to Paradise biryani, arguably, the most saleable brand in the biryani-obsessed metro of Hyderabad. Opinion is sharply divided, sometimes accompanied by detractors’ derisive laughter, over the restaurant chain’s tag line: World’s best biryani in Hyderabad. However, the... more

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Rivaayat, Heritage Patiala this time…

By: Swati Sucharita | 0 Comments | | Category: Events/Reviews | Tags : , , , ,

Trident Hotels has always had its heart at the right place, in terms of upholding some of the best traditions of Indian cuisine at its speciality restaurants. Supporting it in this endeavour is the Delhi-based Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development (OCLD), which besides training some of the best talent... more

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The Great Bohri Feast

By: Swati Sucharita | 2 Comments | | Category: Events/Reviews | Tags : , ,

During my five-year stint as a journalist in Ahmedabad during the first few years of the new millennium, I had often heard about the Bohra Muslim community and its cuisine, especially the humungous-sized Bohra thaal served both at community events like weddings and at some homes. Ironically however, I had... more

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