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An Encore for Ottimo!

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When I walk into the cheerful and natural light-imbued interiors  of Ottimo Cucina Italiano, Chef Vittorio Greco welcomes me as warmly as he would do at his own home. And little surprise, for he has made Ottimo his home (and not just in the recently-opened outlet at ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad) but... more

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Yi Jing debuts in apna Hyderabad!

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This debut surely comes as a piece of good news for diners in Hyderabad who love their Chinese chow. Yi Jing, which literally means, Book of Change in Mandarin, is bound to change the yardstick for fine dining, when it comes to some impeccable Cantonese cuisine. And what’s more, Hyderabad... more

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Royal Repast, Dum Pukht Begum’s style!

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The average Hyderabadi’s love for biryani and kebabs is well-known. So, is it any surprise when  ITC Hotels’ iconic brand Dum Pukht gets diners in droves when it launches in Hyderabad as Dum Pukht Begum’s? “In Hyderabad, the name Begum’s has been added to the original Dum Pukht umbrella brand... more

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Dakshin Menu Gets Bigger, Better

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Dakshin at ITC Kakatiya, which celebrates the best of classic South Indian culinary legacies, has been a perennial dining favourite of mine, especially its live station, Iyer’s trolley, which doles out hot and fresh mini adais, uttapams, banana-flavoured dosais, ‘kunnipanniyarams’ and a host of delightful coconut, ginger and tomato chutneys.... more

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Fun & Substance: Farzi Menu Update

By: Swati Sucharita | 1 Comment | | Category: Launches

While India is spoilt for wining and dining choices these days, its only a handful of F&B establishments, however, when it comes to a distinct and memorable dining experience. Farzi Cafe, which styles itself as a modern Indian bistro, is one such example. An unit of flagship hospitality brand Massive... more

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Old Indian, New Deori

By: Swati Sucharita | 0 Comments | | Category: Launches

Deori, the Indian speciality restaurant of erstwhile Ista Hyderabad (now Hyatt Hyderabad, Gachibowli) has been my favourite since its inception about a decade ago. The spacious restaurant,  which opens out to patio and al fresco seating always has a very unrushed, tranquil vibe to it and the kebabs at Deori... more

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Olive Bistro gets a new autumn avatar

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Olive Bistro has consistently raised the bar, when it comes to some superb Mediterranean food. The autumn menu, recently flagged off by the young and bright chef de cuisine Rishim Sachdeva, not only shot the bar up once again with its innovative culinary offerings, but marked a distinct shift from... more

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Barcelos comes to Hyderabad

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Portugese\Spanish restaurants are rare in India, and more so in biryani-obsessed Hyderabad. So the recent launch of the Portugese restaurant  chain Barcelos, based out of Pretoria, South Africa, and globally famed for its flame grilled chicken and sangria bar, was a definite new for Hyderabad’s F&B industry. This, incidentally was... more

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Pulao: Ek Poori Kahaani

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United Kitchens of India (UKI) is easily among the more popular and successful standalone restaurants in Hyderabad and it helps that the team keeps improvising on their menu. A recent menu update entailed adding various Pulaos (mostly south Indian, more specifically, from Andhra and Telenagana), and a couple of North... more

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La La La Brasil in Hyderabad!

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Hyderabad’s rapidly-evolving F&B scenario now includes a Brazilian churrascaria (grills) styled barbecue restaurant, with a fair bit of Lebanese on the menu too, at Radisson Hyderabad Hi-Tec City. Located on the roof-top poolside terrace of the hotel, Chama Gaucha (literally translated means flames of the South American cowboy!) has a... more

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