It’s raining seekh kebabs !

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Seekh kebabs are considered a legacy of the rich culinary heritage of Awadhi cuisine, and traditionally consisted of minced lamb skewered on a tandoor. In more modern times, the seekh has come to include minced chicken and more variants,  as well as vegetarian versions. Seekh kebabs are also quite popular in Iran and Mediterannean nations where its rolled in a naan or a pita bread and had like doner kebab.  In India, its commonly eaten rolled in a thin roomali roti, and served with a fresh mint chutney and onions.

Kanak, the Indian speciality restaurant of Trident Hyderabad is doing a seekh kebabs promo for dinner until June 3rd and it was a pleasure to be part of a special preview.

matar moongphalli

Matar Moongphalli had a nice crunchy texture

The first seekh to arrive on our plates was the tangy Aloo Anardaane ki Seekh, which was of melt in the mouth consistency. But the second one, Matar Moongphalli ki Seekh was more impressive, because of its slightly crunchy texture and with the boiled\mashed green peas adding their bit of softness.


aloo anardane

Aloo Anaardaane was sweet tangy, thanks to the pomegranate, and had a melt in the mouth consistency

But the real stuff was yet to come. First on, Murgh Gilafi Hara Pyaaz was a chicken mince skewer tossed in spring onion, mint, coriander and ginger..light and refreshing.

Murgh Gilafi

Murgh Gilafi Hara Pyaaz (spring onion)

But the coup de resistance was Seekh Gilafi Chupa Rustam, chicken seekh coated  with a ‘gilaf’ of tomatoes, coriander, mint and ginger. This was in a truly different league altogether!

Chupe Rustam

Seekh Gilafi Chupa Rustam, Go Figure!

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