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Deori, the Indian speciality restaurant of erstwhile Ista Hyderabad (now Hyatt Hyderabad, Gachibowli) has been my favourite since its inception about a decade ago. The spacious restaurant,  which opens out to patio and al fresco seating always has a very unrushed, tranquil vibe to it and the kebabs at Deori especially have been the highlight, with some live Indian music adding to the mood of the evening.

Recently, executive chef Anand Kumar, helmed a makeover of the restaurant, which can only be defined as a 360 degrees revolution, especially with its ambience and service concepts. While the restaurant had a rather muted ambience earlier, the interiors have got a fresh lease of life with bright colours and an energetic vibe. We loved the pickle bar celebrating pickles from all corners of India and the bright paintings on the walls. celebrating the Indian culinary methods used by women across India.

The dinner buffet now christened The Indian Night Buffet has a huge spread, right from the pachdis, chutneys, pickles and savouries, to the live counters dishing out on the day we dined there,  Tunde Kebabs, Hariyali Murgh Tikka, Achaari Paneer Tikka, Kavipoo Varuval (a fried cauliflower starter, done in the Chettinadu crisp fried with curry leaves. There was also a counter dishing out Gurda aur Kaleji Masala.

The salads and (cold) chaats counter was also very appealing, with Aloo Tikki and Samosa Chaat, Chana Sundaal, dahi puri, beetroot\cabbage\dosakaya pachadi and a host of assorted pickles.

Salads and Chaats counter


Main courses were robustly Indian, with butter chicken (delicious gravy, but the pieces were a tad large for me, I like my butter chicken boneless and small-sized), sarson ka saag with makki di roti, aloo gobhi adrak, dal makhni, mutton sukka (the best of the lot) , Chicken Dum Biryani, Kothmir Guddu Curry, and much much more, incl

Robustly Indian main courses like butter chicken, mutton sukka, and dal makhni

The Indian breads were particularly good, consisting of bajra, makki and jowar rotis. as shown in the pic below.

An assortment of Indian breads…

But the best was for the last. In a new offering, the desserts counter is now at a separate ante room, aptly named Mithai Ghar, with attractively kitsch boxes available for those diners who wish to pick up the sweets at a nominal price. At the bloggers’ dinner there was hot and crispy jalebis and khaaja, besides an assortment of Indian sweets like  and the classic Ada Pradhaman, the divine Malayalee payasam made of rice flakes, jaggery and coconut milk. Yummy!

The pic shows from top to bottom, L tp R. jalebis, khaaja and the colorful ‘mithai’ boxes …

Mithai GharThis revamp is sure going to work wonders, and we totally recommend

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